An impressive team

Carole De Clerck

At the helm of Le Pavillon, one heck of a crew made up of captains with glittery moustaches, young sailors juggling melons, jolly fellows in outboard-motor boats, beer-drinking otters, and snow squid. Well, in reality, it's women and men with scarves in winter and sandals in summer. But one can dream, right?

From the bridge to the hold, Carole De Clerck ensures that Le Pavillon is moving in the right direction. To do so, she doesn't hesitate to think big, to be inspired internationally, to go off the beaten track while ensuring that each team member has the best possible working conditions. Methodical, sparkling, and - above all - convinced of the project borne by Le Pavillon, Carole bends over backwards for its success.

Charlotte Benedetti

Highlighting the works on display and making them speak to the public requires a fair amount of elbow grease. Museographer, Charlotte Benedetti adjusts and (co)organises the exhibitions. Never tired, she doesn't hesitate to give a helping hand with the exhibits during coffee breaks.

Stéphane Gueulette

Marie du Chastel

The project curator - a nice word to say that she manages the contents of Le Pavillon - Marie du Chastel looks after the relevance and coherence of the projects presented. An insatiable traveller of cultures of all kinds, Marie visits countries and perspectives to bring together works that challenge, confront and, finally, unite at Le Pavillon; And, why not, that change the world, one consciousness at a time?

To keep this beautiful boat afloat, it required a person who was neither scared nor gets cold feet. Behind the workings of Le Pavillon is Stéphane Gueulette, a geek with the soul of a clockmaker. Discrete and efficient on all levels, it's thanks to him that Le Pavillon rolls as if on castors.

Gaetan Libertiaux

Co-founder of the Superbe artistic studio and artistic director of the KIKK, Gaëtan Libertiaux, is committed to making Le Pavillon interactive and deeply engaging, which is a good thing for a ship. At Le Pavillon, it is he who makes sure that all the works, workshops, and playgrounds fulfil their mission: to re-appropriate the world through works that titillate and make sense.  

Gilles Bazelaire

A multifaceted entrepreneur who is resolutely in love with Namur, Gilles Bazelaire has more than one string to his bow. After the founding of Dogstudio, the KIKK, the Trakk, and the Superbe, Gilles Bazelaire now also keeps a (Quetzalcóatl) eye on Le Pavillon's projects. He draws the route plans and always takes the passengers a little further.

Alice Massart


Weaving links with islands and continents is important if one decides to flourish in the sea of innovation. At Le Pavillon, Alice Massart brings together the curious, private, and public investors to the project. Having boarded en route, Alice naturally became one of the internal workings of Le Pavillon as she seems to have understood everything about the team's challenges and needs.

Milan Nyssen

Diane Mautaint

Such a project generates a lot of paperwork. At Le Pavillon, we like to keep the paperwork tidy. And that's why we love Diane Mautaint as much as we love chocolate. Thanks to her orderliness and mastery of the Excel files, the project can follow its course without worrying about administrative storms.

A historian by night and communication officer during the day, Milan likes words, not necessarily in the right order, by the way. She especially likes to twist them in all directions to make stories out of them. During your visit, you may hear her singing a little tune. It must be said that Le Pavillon has pleasant acoustics, and it would be sad not to take advantage of it.

Céline Petit

Céline Petit is the latest part of Le Pavillon puzzle! When she's not at the welcome desk or in one of the rooms ensuring that everything is running like clockwork, it's not impossible that you may meet her, with a backpack, on a mountain path, or on her way to the Cape of Good Hope!

And ...

And, to bring a ship such as Le Pavillon to a good port, you need a team well-versed in the subtle art of innovation (and tea to keep them waiting during stopovers). There are also a few well-known faces to the people of Namur

During its explorations, Le Pavillon welcomes travellers and curious people. To ensure that the visitors are well-received, a team of guides and enthusiastic young students accompany them in their meanderings. 

If the bridge is always clean and polished like a new penny, it is because there are people to pamper it and take great care of it. And that's not all! In case of a glitch, the KIKK teams are never too far to lend a helping hand or their neurons. They are generous with their advice, expertise, and the aperitif. 

Thanks to all these people, Le Pavillon will go far.