A propos du Pop-up


A pre-opening in pop-up mode.

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If the mission of Le Pavillon is to question the new possibilities, it is thus only right that it should test the range of its own possibilities. At best, it hits the mark, Mark; at worst, it gets better (again and again). During these first months of life, Le Pavillon offers a programme that combines artificial intelligence, real swings between virtual stars, or a supercharged DJ set. It is far away from all the scientific experiments we were able to do in school.

Le Pavillon is revealed for the first time in Namur in pop-up mode. The goal of this test phase? Understanding the place, meeting the public, and together, co-constructing the future paths to be taken. 


In 2021, the pop-up Pavillon welcomes: an exhibition called Humans / Machines, an area dedicated to games called the Playground, and times for meeting. 

In 2021

Humans / Machines 

This first exhibition explores the complex relationship between man and machine. Indeed, faced with the rise and development of digital technologies, the subject has taken on a new meaning.  


Through the eyes of artists, students, researchers, and entrepreneurs, the exhibition questions the implications of the development of artificial intelligence technologies and their limitations in the imitation of natural processes, human behaviours, and creativity.  


The visitors will discover the world of deepfakes, robots, machines imitating humans, and environments generated by algorithms.


An interactive area dedicated to play and experimentation offers a window on the strengths of technology in terms of creativity. At the heart of the Playground, suitable for ages 7 to 777, we can let our five senses experience the cream of digital culture. 


Interactive exhibits born from the fertile imagination of some dreamers, creators, inventors, makers, etc. combined with technological innovation make the impossible possible: becoming Picasso's muse or swinging in the stars are no longer the exclusive privilege of Morphée.


At Le Pavillon, we don't fool around with wonderment!