A propos du Pop-up


The Playground

We don't fool around with wonderment.

We play with it.


Understanding digital through play, experimentation, and laughter is possible. The Pavillon pop-up dedicates a whole area to it: the Playground.  This playground titillates our senses and creativity with new (and slightly crazy) experiments.


The desired effect? To show what it is possible to create today thanks to digital tools, understand a little better how this little digital world works and, above all, have a great time.

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Kaleidoscope 3

In this large playground, in particular, we find:


The Style transfer mirror by Gene Kogan

We have all dreamed of having our portrait made by a great painter. Gene Kogan has granted this wish! Thanks to a camera and artificial intelligence, one becomes the muse of a Picasso or a van Gogh.


Ego by Klaus Obermayer with Stefano d'Alessio & Martina Menegon

A guaranteed success for everyone who has kept the spirit of a child; Ego is a work with a deeper meaning than it seems! 

In psychoanalysis, the ego is noticeably the result of a conflict between the visual appearance perceived in the mirror and the emotional experience. 

At the Playground, thanks to a motion capture system, we are projected on a wall in the guise of a little man, moving to the rhythm of our movements. Our features are minimised, deformed. It seems as though we are being mistaken for a child's drawing.  In short, we play games and play down our relationship with the image.


Starfield by Lab212

Spinning towards infinity and beyond. Between returning to childhood and travelling to the stars, the Lab212's connected swing offers a moment of grace.  Thanks to the pendulum movements perceived by the machine, the starry sky begins to move and blossom in front of our eyes. With our feet in weightlessness, our gaze towards the Milky Way, we are no longer completely in Namur.