Le Pavillon

Opening 23rd September

24th September 2022
A playful discovery of bees

In the context of the exhibition and the installation Transparent Beehive by the artist Anne-Marie Maes, come and learn more about bees. Anim’abeilles is an animation that aims to raise public awareness of bees through observation and discovery of pollination and beekeeping. The experience allows you to listen to the rustling of the hive, taste, smell and touch honey, pollen, wax and propolis, understand pollination (without which there would be no fruit), discover and try out the beekeepers’ equipment…

This animation is proposed by Terre@Air, a non-profit organisation for environmental education. Its aim is to protect nature and create a link between humans and nature. The animation is open to all, young and old!

Infos pratiques

24 sept. à 15h
Durée : 1h
Included in the entrance fee
Tous publics