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Le Pavillon

Next exhibition: 22 June

With digital technologies taking shape and form in our daily lives, their pervasiveness is radically modifying all our references. Whether we grew up with them or without them, the superpowers of technological innovation quickly disorientate us with their speed and the new horizons they open up.

Faced with the resulting societal challenges, Le Pavillon has positioned itself as a new space for experimentation and exploration, where it is strongly advised to take children. The line between disciplines is fading and the combination of art, science and technology is placed at the service of a fun and sensitive approach to the world’s awakening.

For several years, with its festival and now Le Pavillon, KIKK has been working with a network of International partners (Gaîté Lyrique Paris, Cinekid Amsterdam, Kidzlab Quebec) which has helped our teams develop work and creation methods based on 5 pillars:

  • The active participation of children, transmitters of future experiences and uses
  • A storytelling approach to the world in order to demystify its transformations
  • The participation of the five senses in discovering our environments
  • The importance of experimentation for learning
  • The promotion of collaborative culture

With the emergence of STEAM in the field of learning, Le Pavillon is working with new partners in the Namur region (Technobel, Formanam, UNamur, Henallux, etc.) at the service of a new approach to science, art and technology which is closer to schools. Will you be part of the adventure?

In practice

Would you like to organise a visit to the exhibition with your class? You can find all the information on our Guided Tours page.

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