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Biomimicry & HOUSING

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Opening 23rd September

13th September 2022
Masterclass 3

Biomimicry & HOUSING

This online masterclass is the third of the cycle. It will take place from 12:30 to 13:30. You can participate in the whole cycle or only in the themes that interest you.

The goals of the masterclasses :

  • To make participants aware of biomimicry by making them want to integrate these approaches into the development of their projects.
  • To show the possibilities and limits of biomimicry. 
  • To show the different scales of biomimicry by making a link with the fields of the CCI.
  • To enable participants to have a good knowledge base and to know which tools to use to consider it in project development.

Course and format

These Masterclasses will be led by Guillian GRAVES, founder of the Big Bang Project agency, via the online tools Zoom and Miro, but also supported by a projected digital presentation.

The proposed procedure is as follows :

  • Round table of participants (5 minutes)
  • Introduction of the facilitator and description of the workshop (5 minutes)
  • Definition of biomimicry, presentation of the opportunities and professions involved (10 minutes)
  • Scales, methodology and tools of biomimicry (5 minutes)
  • Examples of biomimetic projects (10 minutes)
  • Breakdown into three working groups, around challenges and generation of bio-inspired ideas in groups (15 minutes)
  • Restitution (5 minutes)
  • Sharing of resources and Question and Answer session (5 minutes).


These are cycles of masterclasses on a theme related to design.these actions of dissemination of design culture aim to reveal the potential of design and transdisciplinary innovation to stimulate the dissemination of these practices within companies and project leaders.

We want to show how these new techniques and methodologies can increase the field of possibilities, promote innovation and contribute to the development of new products or services. 

Online events between companies, project leaders, researchers, designers, scientists, craftsmen, artists and design experts to present new techniques, whether in terms of new materials with innovative characteristics or eco-design approaches.

These masterclass series focus on the potential of innovative materials in the context of sustainable development (biomaterials, recycling, biomimicry). In addition to materials, these cycles allow the presentation of new technologies or techniques related to design (interaction design, generative design, human-machine interface, AI, etc.). 

“ These masterclasses allow you to question, discover, learn, stimulate creativity, and inspire you to integrate new techniques, approaches, technologies or new materials into your future projects. ”

For more information : marine@​kikk.​be

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