Why not hand a shelter over to hermit crabs? © Aki Inomata


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Next exhibition: 22 June

From 18th June 2022 To 27th November 2022
Humans and non-humans coexistence

Biotopia, a contraction of Biotope and Utopia, plunges us into the universe of living beings that inhabit our planet. The exhibition brings together nearly 30 artists, designers, researchers, women, men and people who question the central position of humans in the world.

Biotopia proposes to shift points of view, to immerse ourselves in the heart of non-human societies and to open ourselves to the diversity of ways of being. Our bodies are 90% composed of bacteria, so we live in symbiosis with populations of micro-organisms that inhabit the smallest corners of our morphology. Since the discoveries of the famous microbiologist Lynn Margulis, we now know that the evolution of life stems from symbiosis and interdependence rather than competition between the best individuals. Through the exploration of living things, Biotopia tells how these animal, plant and mineral societies can teach us to live better together and create more environmentally friendly technologies.

Faced with the predicted impasses of a world we no longer know how to think, how can we recreate utopia? How can we live together? What is at stake, as biologist and thinker Donna Haraway reminds us, is the survival of the countless ways of living and becoming with each other on this earth.

Next exhibition: 22 June 

Living like a goat thanks to an exoskeleton and an artificial stomach (GoatMan - Thomas Thwaites), interacting with trees or plants, hearing the sounds emitted by woodworms (Transparent beehive - Anne Marie Maes, Econtinuum - Thijs Biersteker, 25 woodworms - Zimoun) … Between biotope and utopia, the exhibition presents a selection of discoveries and curiosities addressed to both informed minds and the curious of all horizons.

BIOTOPIA combines the views of Belgian and international artists, scientists and engineers of the living world and pushes the limits of reality and perception. The exhibition is enriched by a space dedicated to the experiential, to play. The Playground will give you a unique encounter with interactive ecosystems.

A programme of conferences, evening events and workshops will also invite you to explore innovations inspired by life - biomaterials, biodesign and biomimicry.

“ How do we make weak stories stronger and strong stories weaker? ”
Donna Harraway

With :

ZIMOUN, 25 woodworms

Cindy COUTANT, Télédésir

Thomas THWAITES, Goatman


Why Not Hand Over a Shelter” to Hermit Crabs?

Think Evolution #1 : Kiku-ishi (Ammonite)

Pepa IVANOVA, Decay

Ani LIU, Kisses from the future

Collectif MUESLI, Peintures indisciplinées


One Tree ID - How to Become a Tree for Another Tree

Thijs BIERSTEKER, Econtinuum

OHME & AIKO DESIGN, Karine VAN DONINCK, Rotifer (a)live

Antoine BERTIN, Conversation métabolite

Lia GIRAUD, Photosynthèse, Installation Algægraphique

REMIX EL BARRIO, Various Projects


Teresa VON DONGEN, Biolume

Laboratorium KASK (Maria Boto et Heleen Sintobin), Ecology of Colour


SILK LAB, Living Materials

PURIFUNGI, Myco-Ashtrays

Anne Marie MAES, The Transparent Beehive

DESIGN I/0, Field


Tim KNAPEN, Godmode

Camille SCHERRER, In The Woods

Curator : Marie du Chastel

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