Alessia Sanna, Leave Space ©Antonin Weber

Stellar Scape

Le Pavillon

Next exhibition: 22 June

From 22nd June 2024 To 26th January 2025
New Space Exploration

Stellar Space

The KIKK’s new exhibition at Le Pavillon will focus on astronomy and space exploration.

With its deep skies that hypnotise and captivate, space holds an unrivalled fascination for the human race. At a time when the Anthropocene crisis is shaking our environmental, technological and democratic balances, the Land of Night’ is in turn the last frontier to be colonised, a resource to be exploited, a tourist destination, an observatory for remote surveillance, a dumping ground for orbiting debris, and forever the infinite constellation of our original questions and (meta)physical dreams.

From the atomic fragment to the universal whole, the Stellar Scape exhibition brings together some twenty international artists, researchers and engineers to explore the imaginary world of astronomy and the revival of space adventures. Through art installations, immersive environments, scientific innovations and speculative projects, we experience this expanding starry landscape, a mirror of the cosmic link that connects us in a single space to all those things that appear not only as they are, but also as they could be.

Curation: Marie du Chastel et Jos Auzende

From 22 June 2024 to 26 January 2025