Printemps des sciences - Lente van de Wetenschap

Le Pavillon

Volgende tentoonstelling: 22 juni

Woensdag 22 & zaterdag 25 maart

Springtime in Science is the must-attend event for those curious about science in all its forms. A week of free activities throughout the city and at le Pavillon

Bio-inspired Robotics Workshop

Get ready to become robotics experts! In this workshop led by two researchers from the University of Namur (Elio Tuci and Timoteo Carletti) you will discover how a group of robots can make collective decisions without human intervention. This will be inspired by the swarming intelligence of ants and bees. As is often the case, technology is inspired by living things and robotics is no exception.

Art & Science: When artists are inspired by robots

During this workshop, the artist collective VOID will also present an interactive installation in which robots interact with each other based on the same principle of collective intelligence.

Art, science, technology, all the ingredients are there to amaze you and your family!

An event organised by the Confluent des Savoirs as part of the Printemps des Sciences.

Practical information

Woensdag 22 maart & vrijdag 25 maart
One hour workshop: 2pm / 3pm / 4pm
Free on registration
Location: Au Pavillon, Route Merveilleuse 65 - 5000 Namur